by Singularity

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released August 21, 2012

Writing, Production, Recording, and Mixing/Mastering all done by Doug Gruening at Wasted Media Studios



all rights reserved


Singularity Napa, California

Ashley Gruening, Trans Solo Artist. Everything on this page was created by me. I don't speak my mind often, this is my release. Newer albums also on iTunes and Spotify. BandCamp won't let me post external links so you'll have to search for them.

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Track Name: Insubordinate
If I am to be crucified for what I say and do, apparently I won't be the first
The example I have made of you, is the ignorance of all humanity
I speak the truth yet all I get right back from you are lies
The stench of deceit flows from your mouth and feeds the ears
Of the oblivious population

Blood is red, bruises are blue
This is what you'll look like when I'm done with you

You sit here making the same mistakes over and over again
Why can't you see this isn't who you were meant to be?
We're fucking over it

Floating through the depths of your mind
This disease gripping you tightly by the throat
It knows who you are now
Just an insubordinate waste of life
Careening down in this spiral of anguish
Hear me now, your hourglass lies at your feet
Just enough time to stop and think,
What have I done?
Track Name: Calling You Quits
Rebuild the bridge you thought once was burned
They have returned, your enemies are at the gates
The time has come, the time has come to
Repent for all your sins

Break the chains and set yourself free

Bring your existence to a higher level
Destroy all the bullshit in your path
From the darkness within there will come a light
That you must never let go out

Your ignorance is the bane of all humanity
How can you not see?
You destroyed everything I built and now I'll take you down

You think I'm fucking joking?
Look me straight in the eye
Track Name: Landing
This damaged ship has finally reached it's destination
The survivors few are scrambling frantically trying to prevent their own damnation
They are the last of the human race
You'll find it hard to exist in here with all of your fears

Descend, let the atmosphere fill your lungs
Let this planet's disease creep into your mind as you release
And cease to be everything society expected you to be

Your phyche's twisting
This hateful brain can't take the noise
Reality slipping
What's right and wrong soon meld as one
All others succumbing
What's left of the homo sapien strain is now infected
But no one's left to hear their screams

Welcome all to this nightmare,
This is the opening charade
The end of all existence
Now just sit back and watch the horror